GEKO locally in The Gambia

For the past 17 years to support the district of Unna, the Evangelical Hospital Unna and Charitable Association for Development and Cooperation (GEKO eV), the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) in Gambia's capital Banjul.
Even when projects have been running for so long, you have to convince himself in the project land from time to time of sustainability, for new contacts and to discuss possible changes or improvements

Gekos Chairman Juergen Poller stayed in February 2011 in The Gambia, discussed with the new Hospital Chief (Chief Medical Director), Prof. Dr. Ousman Nyan, the Nurse Manager, the workshop engineer and director of the laboratory's about existing activities.
Prof. Nyan is also dean of the University of The Gambia.
It also came a whole host of other necessities to the language, eg will need new autoclave for the sterilization of surgical stainless steel cutlery and clothing needs. Even in little things like spare halogen lamps for surgical lighting is lacking and hinders the work of doctors. GEKO promised her immediate redress and brought 50 special lamps on the way.
Just arrived were sent by GEKO 50 so-called „dressing trays” which are sets of stainless steel wound care.
A further field of activity is the equipment for the operating room with a sterilized bone drills. Until such work is carried out with a Do-It-Yourself drill. GEKO will try to obtain autoclavable cordless drills, as used in german hospitals. Since the equipment with an autoclave and specialty drills, the financial possibilities of GEKO far exceed attempts to realize the support of a project funded by BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Assistance).

On the occasion of Independence Day celebrations Mr Poller hits again the Vice-President of the Republic, Her Excellency Dr. Isatou Nyie-Saidy. Here are the GEKO activities in the Gambia entirely familiar. Mr Poller also had an audience with the new Health Minister, Honourable Fatih Badgie.

Furthermore, Mr Poller met the former Ambassador of Gambia in Brussel, Mrs Sowe. She is now retired and is committed to the Methodist Church of Gambia. The church operates schools and clinics in the country, which are open to all social and religious affiliations. Since the cooperation with the Patriotic Women's Development Association, after the death of longtime boss, Mrs. Aji Awa Saho has fallen asleep, is considered to GEKO whether instead the church to support projects. However, it must first be clarified, what support is needed and whether that fits into the GEKO profile.

Jürgen Poller (center) with Vice-President of State, Dr. Isatou Nyie-Saidy and the Consul General of Gambia in Germany Dr. Rolf Becker

Prof. Dr. Ousman Nyan (left), Chief Medical Director and Dean of the University from Gambia and Deputy Director of Patient Care Tumani Janneh, who was already in Unna

New in office:
Health Minister Mrs Fatih Badgie

A so-called dressing tray is unpacked.
It is used for wound care

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